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Each replica freddy glove is made from scratch. Crafted from copper pipe, thick brass, and stainless steel. Ive been doing this for over 10 years. Each prop is made with the highest quality materials. And if there is something you want customized, feel free to contact me. Mike . Creating your favorite replicas, one glove at a time. Disclaimer. All of my gloves templates are of my

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03/02/2016 0183 32This glove is built using typeM copper pipe used to make the original glove with brazing to affix the blades to the tips rather than solder resulting in authentic red coloring specific to the glove used in the first film and authentically colored and weathered Carolina leather including additional hole patterns . 2. A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddys Revenge 1985 9

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About Us. Since 2006 Knives4Fingers has specialized in building 100 handcrafted, all metal, highly detailed Freddy glove replicas. Each one of our replicas are constructed from high quality, copper sheet or pipe, brass, stainless steel or metal blades, brass rivets, and a genuine Carolina leather glove with a ball and tape wrist.

Freddy Vs. Jason Glove Nightmare on Elm Street Friday the ...

This handcrafted glove is based on Freddy vs. Jason. This thing is built like a tank. Battle damaged look on the B hero metal glove thick copper finger stalls made from copper pipe thick copper backplate handmade leather identical to the screen used glove 1/8 inch thick steel blades beveled

Part 2 quotSlashers Revengequot Knives4Fingers

Part 2 quotSlashers Revengequot. Description. Made from copper pipe and brass, this awesome Part 2 glove has brazed on POLISHED or Nonpolished blades, index finger blade break, and large weathered leather Moves super fluid SOLD OUT.

The evolution of Freddy Krueger Critical Hit

28/10/2016 0183 32To reflect the boiler room origins of Freddys trademark glove, the design team set about cobbling together the signature slasher weapon from bits of copper pipe and kitchen knives, eventually ending up with a killing tool that Englund likened to a junior high shop project from hell. With all of those elements combined, the legend of the Springwood Slasher was

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Robert Englund cut himself the first time when he tried on the infamous Freddy glove. In the original script, Freddy was a child molester. However, the decision was made to change him into being a child murderer to avoid accusations of exploiting a series of child molestations in California around the time of production. He was rewritten as a child molester in the 2010 Making a Freddy Glove: Soldering a Blade ...

Soldering a blade on a Freddy Glove Part 2 .

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31/08/2010 0183 32Boiler Room Creations does the best Freddys Dead glove: Boiler Room Creations I think they put a little too much curve in the back plate but thats easy enough to fix. CustmCraft on you tube make one HELL of a great remake glove. They were making them out of steel aged to look copper color via rust and man that is a slick piece for roughly 200

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28/07/2009 0183 32The real thing is made from steak knives, copper pipe, rivets, and a work glove. I think its another touch of Freddys ironic genius, really ordinarily the purpose of a work glove is to prevent injury. Copper pipe, rivets, steak knives these are a few of my favorite things. Now that I had something to go by, I bought some cheap but reliable gloves, 3mm copper/steel